Gender Diversity at Work

Angry Businesswoman Standing At Desk In Meeting

Are Men Really Listening to You at Work?

How do you effectively “listen”? What Men Do For men, listening effectively means you should: quietly pay attention, stay focused. What…

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hard work

Do Women Really Have to Work Harder Than Men for the Same Recognition?

Have you felt that you have to work twice as hard as your male colleagues to get the same recognition? Many women commonly feel that their male…

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Woman with paper cut people

Equal Does Not Mean “The Same”

Since the equality movement that began in the early 1970s, we have been conditioned to believe that men and women think and act alike— but after…

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Upset young businesswoman with man working on laptop at office desk

How Well Do You Really Understand Men?

It’s amazing how little we really know about men. We think we know a lot about the opposite sex, but in fact, what we have are a lot of…

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Bad boss.

I’m Tired of Acting Like a Man at Work!

Have you found yourself thinking: -   If I want to be taken seriously, I have to fit in. I have to be more forceful and more assertive. I can’t…

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Business Team

When Men Take Credit For Your Ideas In a Meeting

Women often complain that their ideas aren’t “heard.” Former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright once said that even when she spoke at…

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Business meeting at office

Why are Men Always Grabbing the Spotlight at Work?

One of my clients worked in partnership with a male colleague.  She felt like she was getting stepped over by him every time a high-profile task…

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Why would I want to be a feminine leader?

My mother was my first mentor growing up.  As part of the pioneering generation of women to who started breaking the glass ceiling, she was strong,…

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Tired business woman with headache at seminar

Why You Don’t Feel Valued at Work

What does “Success”
 mean to you?   What Men Think Winning.   What Women Think Winning, and being…

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