Experienced Leaders

Who You Are:


You are an experienced leader. You are easily described as the go-to person to make things happen and some days it feels like everyone is clamoring for your time and attention.

You have been to several leadership trainings and you have made great strides in your leadership, though when you go into stress mode, you still react more than you respond.

Your goal is to create an environment that’s upbeat and positive, where your team likes going to work every day. They get to work on interesting projects, talk to nice people and go home at the end of the day and forget about what they’ve done. You want to create the space and take the time to set the tone, the expectations and the boundaries and lead by example. You prefer to be seen as a leader, not a manager. Most of all, you want to be seen as a game changer.


What your issues tend to be:


You spend a lot of time on the “people” side of business already—even more time when results are poor. You want all of that effort to produce results, and for people to be positively energized as they help drive the vision forward. You have a great plan and smart people, but you keep getting sub-par results.

Morale is not where you need it to be. Results are less than the combined talent should be producing. Execution is not swift and being late with deliverables has become the norm. Your biggest challenge is getting your team to self-sufficiently produce results that exceed your expectations.


What you need most right now:


What you need most is a way to drive decision making down to the lowest level. You need a system that will help you take all the knowledge that you have about running your department or your projects and translate it into resources and guidelines for your team to follow so you can stop checking in on them and relax knowing all will get done.


How You Can Move Forward:


If this scenario resonates with you and you would like to go to the next level, then I ‘d like to invite you to have a private one-on-one Magnetic Influence Strategy Session with me. During our conversation you will discover what is standing in your way and what you can do next for huge results.



These sessions are only for leaders who meet the following qualifications:

  • I don’t want to settle. I want to take my career to the next level
  • I want to finally get to the root cause of my career issues
  • I am an action taker and ready to make changes
  • I am ready to have a frank conversation about becoming a magnetic influencer
  • I have an “investing in myself” mindset – I am willing to invest the time and energy to grow myself



This Strategy Session is valued at $197. However, if you meet the qualifications above and I know you are serious about taking your leadership to the next level, when you fill out the form below, I will offer the strategy session for free.

Don’t worry if you think you might be obligated to buy something during the conversation. That is not my style. Of course, if you want to learn what it would look like to work with me, we can certainly discuss that on the call. However, my main objective is to have you walk away with your one next action step to take your career to the next level.

I like to make sure I have time to focus on each individual, so I am only able to create a few openings every month. If you would like to talk with me, please fill out the form below and I will get back to you within 48 hours with my next available time slot.


Magnetic Influence Strategy Session

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