Creating Influence

Businessman looking at businesswoman's book

15 Critical Books Every Leader Needs to Read

Your leadership is critical to the success of your career. The question is, do you know enough about leadership to take your career to the next…

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Business leader lead her workers in office

7 Ways To Create Influence When You Don’t Have A Clue

Sometimes you are just out of ideas on how to work through the pushback. It’s not a matter of being proactive. You have created good working…

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Kunde und Berater in einem Beratungsgespräch

Have You Created a Partnership With Your Direct Reports?

How open are your Direct Reports about telling you the good, the bad and the ugly? How easy is it for you to have open conversations with your Direct…

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image of a business team discussing

Use the #1 Most Influential Word to Get the Best Out of Your Direct Reports

We make requests of our Direct Reports all the time, but we don’t always get back what we requested. Have you ever thought that maybe it was…

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